2024 Summer
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2024 Summer

Welcome Summer 2024!

This is a time for students and faculty to recharge and prepare for the next school year. Our administrative staff also gets some time off as well. See the schedule below for the campus hours below.

Even though the campus may be closed we still have various activities planned throughout the summer.

Check out the links below for camp schedules.

Athletic Camps

Throughout the summer Bracken has planned athletic camps. A form must be submitted for each student who participates in any of the camps. The link below can be completed online and then emailed to Terri Sanders or brought into the Administrative Office with payment before June 8, 2024.

The first camp begins June 8!

2024 Summer Sports Camps

Note: If completing the form online, the form will need to be downloaded prior to completing the form.

Camp Invention

A week-long dive into the wonderful world of science. 

Registration for this camp is already filled up for the 2024 Summer.

High School Course Selection Forms

Use the links below to select the courses for the 2024-2025 school year:

 9th - https://forms.gle/quxqF6BgeCFuZoN19

10th - https://forms.gle/ewVuH9nHN22Pw2yc7

11th - https://forms.gle/n7mB4CZu7mrKKwaU9

12th - https://forms.gle/vCabGYnLwbEoCCrU8


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