Student Shadow Day
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Student Shadow Day

Let your child try on Bracken

Shadow students will be paired with one of our students to walk through a whole day on campus. From social studies and science lessons to P.E. and lunch, your kid will feel like part of the family in no time.

Student Shadow Day | The Rundown

We are thrilled about your interest in participating in Shadow Day! In order to be considered for a Student Shadow Day a student application must be completed prior to scheduling. Please review the helpful tips below to help us make this day a smooth and positive experience for your child.

Note: Kinder Shadow Days are half days only.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Kindergarten-5th grade shadows should arrive at our elementary building by 7:45AM on the day of your child’s scheduled Shadow Day.

Middle and High School shadows should arrive at the Betty Kight Administration Building by 7:45AM.

IMPORTANT: All shadow students should be ready to start the school day with us at 8:00AM. It’s important for us to start our day on time, so if your student arrives after the start of our school day (8:00AM), we kindly ask that you reschedule your Shadow Day with the front office.

  • Kindergarten shadows can be picked up at 11:45AM (half day shadow).
  • 1st-12th grade shadows staying half day can be picked up at 12:00PM.
  • 1st-5th grade shadows can be picked up at 3:05PM (if staying the whole day).
  • Middle and High School shadows can be picked up at 3:15PM (if staying the whole day).


We ask that all of our shadow students be conservatively dressed. Shadow students do not have to come in a uniform, however we do ask our guests to follow our Bracken Spirit Dress guidelines. Students can wear solid colored pants or slacks or opt to wear nice jeans that fit appropriately. Please do not come in jeans with holes or pants that sag. Shorts are fine to wear, so long as the length is appropriate. T-shirts or polos are acceptable. Close-toed shoes are a must. Our students are not allowed to wear facial piercings or sport brightly colored hair/outlandish hairstyles, so we ask that our guests follow suit. Overall, parents, please use good judgment with your child’s attire as our goal is to provide a positive experience for both your family and our current students and staff as well.


Shadow students must behave appropriately and follow classroom rules as outlined by each teacher. We ask that our shadow students follow instructions, act appropriately, and behave respectfully, just as we expect from our students. Our heart is to give our shadow students the best experience of our campus.


Shadow students are not allowed to use any electronic devices during the school day. Cell phones, iPods, earbuds, gaming devices, etc. must be turned off. We expect the same from our students.


If you’d like for your child to order lunch from our assigned vendor on the day of his/her visit, please let us know so we can make this happen.


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