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These are the foundational years. The experiences that happen in elementary, middle and high school lay the groundwork for an adult life that is purposeful, balanced and God-glorifying.

At Bracken, we value academics and discipline, but we also believe the most successful people are those who learn to create, to problem solve, to work well with others, to rest, and to have fun.

Accredited by ACSI and Cognia, Bracken Christian School offers multiple schedules to meet the needs of individual students and learning styles. Regardless of the schedule that suits your student and family life, we are confident that the result of your child’s education at Bracken is well-rounded and God-honoring.

At Bracken our class sizes are ideal. They are small and intimate so that every student gets the attention they need to build confidence in the classroom.

At Bracken our teachers are rock stars because they’re not only experts at what they teach, but they choose to invest in the lives of our students.

At Bracken we crave spending time in the Word.

At Bracken we cultivate and foster a relationship with Jesus.

At Bracken we have high expectations of our students.

At Bracken we instill discipline and respect into the hearts of our students.

At Bracken we love praying and worshiping Jesus together.

At Bracken we pour into our community as the hands and feet of Jesus.

At Bracken we preach servant leadership, but we practice it too.

At Bracken we prepare our students well. We follow the TEA graduation requirements and offer recommended and distinguished programs.



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