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Why Bracken

A Note From Bracken

Bracken Christian School loves Jesus. We love kids, and we love learning. Our classrooms not only teach concepts, but Christ.

We encourage and walk alongside our students as they seek truth and grow in who they were created to be.

Christian education is a special and eternal canvas that God uses to paint masterpieces. Every stroke of the brush, pop in color, line, and shade are used by our Creator to impact a life and a soul, no matter the age. These works of art are your children.

At Bracken Christian School we approach education a little differently. Your children will learn about academic concepts, but also grow in Christ. Our teachers and staff love Jesus and they love students. When those two passions combine, you see the beauty of what we do here at BCS. You may not even feel it, but you are already a part of our story.

Our prayer is that you see Jesus in every moment, especially at Bracken. The people here are so special and it is a privilege to be a part the incredible story God is telling through Bracken and this community.

Here, you are known.

At Bracken our teachers are rock stars because they’re not only experts at what they teach, but they choose to invest in the lives of our students.

At Bracken we crave spending time in the Word.

At Bracken we cultivate and foster a relationship with Jesus.

Are you ready?

670 Old Boerne Road
Bulverde, TX 78163

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