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Welcome to High School!

We understand that high school is our last chance to pour into our students. These final four years of schooling at Bracken are focused on discipleship and the sharpening of skills.

We give our freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors many opportunities to explore their giftings. Dual credit opportunities and our Bracken Advantage program gift students with a headstart in figuring out what they want to be when they grow up. Bracken graduates leave us ready to run into their God-given calling and whether that means college, trade school, military, or their first job, we celebrate all paths into adulthood.

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Schedules | One Campus, Different Schedules

Every child is created differently, and Bracken offers a unique opportunity to tailor the educational experience to meet the needs of every child. While some students thrive in a social, on-campus environment five days a week, other students work better in our flexible STREAM & FLEX models made up of both on-campus instruction and at-home, independent work days. In addition, we also offer the BCS SHIELD program to support students with learning differences. All Bracken programs are ACSI and Cognia accredited.

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Our Warriors are STRONG and when they are given the right tools, they can battle anything! Just as a shield is a tool, our SHIELD Program aims to be a tool our Bracken Warriors can utilize. From accommodations to tutoring to building cognitive skills, SHIELD works one-on-one with students to give them the resources they need to succeed.

1, 2, and 3 sessions/week options available. Pricing determined once an individualized plan and schedule is established for the student.

For more information, please contact Christy Paul at [email protected].

Sports Schedules

Rank One Sports Schedules


It's time for a closet refresh. New logo and new uniforms are coming this year. Stay tuned for details. All embroidered uniforms will be grandfathered for the 2022-2023 school year.

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STREAM Program

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We have partnered with Parchment for our students, alumni and employers to be able to order transcripts off of our website. Use the following link to order transcripts:

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The Bracken Advantage

Bracken Christian School now offers an incredible opportunity for our high schoolers called The Bracken Advantage. The Bracken Advantage is a trade and career program that helps students become aware of the trade and career options they may not be exposed to in other Christian schools. Current offerings are as follows:

Basic Car Care and Maintenance

The basic fundamentals of vehicle service and maintenance will be taught in this class as
well as a basic understanding of the systems of a car and how they work.
This class will be best enjoyed by a student interested in learning the skills of an
automotive tech, as well as proper vehicle maintenance. Under the hood checks, regular
maintenance items such as oil changes, tune ups, and minor repairs such as tire change
and bulb replacement will be taught in this course.
Fee: $$100

Home Economics

Students will learn several components of home economics: independent living
(including money management), social and workplace skills, health and hygiene, basic
sewing, healthy cooking, and nutrition. Students will also complete crafts/ projects for
home décor/efficiency/organization.
Fee: $$100

Agriculture & Aquaponics

In this class you will learn what it takes to grow food, specifically different types of
plants and vegetables. Growing vegetables and plants in raised garden beds in the
Bracken Garden, as well as learning about growing food through Aquaponics will be
taught. Aquaponics is a symbiotic ecosystem, using fish to grow plants. This means that
students will also be taking care of fish and their tanks.

Fee: $$175

Intro to Kinesiology & Health (formerly called Exercise Science)

This is a one-year class with an emphasis on gaining a strong foundation of anatomy
& physiology the first semester, with the second semester more dedicated to medical
fields/careers, medical treatments, medical philosophy, nutrition, exercise, wellness and
Fee: $$250

Sewing Success

This is an active, hands-on sewing class where students will learn to perform custom
alterations on clothing, follow sewing patterns and create custom quality items.
Students will learn sewing machine maintenance, how to use different types of sewing
machines, threading, hand stitching and many valuable skills. Students will begin their
own alterations business in this class, and have the opportunity to earn income through
their alterations. At the end of the semester, a “Craft Fair” will be held where students
can sell their creations. Income generated goes back to the students.

Fee: $$250 per student

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