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At BCS, we strive to maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio. As the Elementary grows, we will continue to pursue our broader goal of providing an excellent education within the context of a Biblical worldview.

To help fulfill this goal, Bracken elementary offers a solid academic program supplemented with weekly Music, Art, P.E., computer, Spanish and library classes. Additionally, we place a high value into integrating STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) and our elementary students attend a daily science classes providing a rich, hands-on experience.  Achievement testing is given every other year, beginning in first grade. On average, our students rank between the 70th and 90th national percentiles in comparison to their public and private school counterparts. Once a week our Bracken Elementary comes together for our weekly Chapel service. These are always great times of worship and growing in the Lord for our students, staff and parents.

What really sets BCS apart from other schools is quality staff, dedicated parents, and, of course, our wonderful students. Bracken elementary teachers are qualified and credentialed individuals who have a heart for children and a passion for Christian education. BCS families are equally committed to the school and to an educational experience that is Christ-centered. It is truly our staff and families that make all the difference here at BCS

It is our hope that you will choose to come and experience the difference here at Bracken Christian School. We look forward to meeting you and exploring the possibility of you and your student(s) joining the BCS family.

Elementary Science Class
Classroom routines and traditions
Hero Day at Bracken