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The Stream Program exists to honor God by guiding students through an education that fosters life-long learners and disciples of Jesus Christ. Stream Academy seeks to honor God first and equip young people academically through an appreciation of different learning styles and instructional methods. 

Secondarily, we seek to prepare students to walk into higher education equipped to meet challenges with the strength of their training.  By offering dual enrollment courses in high school, we allow students to not only begin their college course work in a nurturing and God honoring environment, but also to optimize the timeline for each student’s unique academic and life goals.  

While many students thrive in a traditional 5-day model, not all do. We understand that each child is unique which is why university schedule schools throughout the nation are steadily growing in their enrollment numbers.  Stream offers a schedule that allows for flexibility and responsiveness to the unique needs of students and families.  It allows students to take ownership of their education and develop skills in problem solving and time management at an early age.  It also blesses families with the opportunity to partner with amazing teachers to train up their children in the way they should go!   

While many educational models are beautiful and good, there are a myriad of challenges within each approach. Stream strives to curate elements from a variety of research-based, educational models that are successful in keeping the gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of all that is taught.  So, looking at the needs of the whole child and the diversity of the student body is critical to creating an environment that blesses the families and promotes a love of learning.  


Fear can drive educational environments to think that more is better.  I have seen students attend school all day to come home to hours of homework.  That robs families of quality time and precious years that they cannot get back with their children.  The Stream Academy blended schedule affords parents the opportunity to partner with their school and children to recapture some of those hours where hard work and their families' values are honored and given time to blossom.

Getting to the heart of the Stream Program Student: 

  • Undeniable love for Jesus
  • Joy of learning 
  • Deep thinkers 
  • Eloquent communicators   
  • Time managers
  • Authentically engaged 
  • Biblically-based values 
  • Compassionate servant 

Getting to the heart of a Stream Program Parent: 

  • Understand discipleship and that commitment to their children - covenant parents/partners
  • Willingness to let their children fail for the purpose of growth and refining.  
  • Committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed.  
  • Committed to biblical community.
  • Desires a heart of service for their family especially their children
  • Understands that quantity of work does not equate to quality of work, but that critical thinking and wisdom come from challenging work.