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Why Choose Bracken Christian School?


Possibly the most important decision parents are faced with in today's world is how to educate their children. For some, economic status drastically limits the options. Many, however, do have several options: 

Public School                                         

Private School

Home School

Online School

For those that have the ability to choose, the all-important question becomes

"What school is the best choice for my child?"

When considering the options, the most important factor for any family is the spiritual, emotional, and academic well-being of the child. As believers in Christ, we know and understand that we are to "...bring them (our children) up in the training and instruction of the Lord," as stated in Ephesians 6:4. 

Since we, as Christian parents, are charged by the Lord to educate our children in the knowledge of Him and His creation, the choice, from a Biblical perspective, should be clear. There are many important factors for every family to consider when choosing a school for their child. 

The following are 10 reasons why every Christian family should strongly consider Christian education:


God's command to do so: Deuteronomy 6:1-2, and Ephesians 6:4

Subject matter is taught from a biblical perspective/worldview

Shared values and morals

Safe and structured learning environment

Positive peer relationships

Higher standard of excellence in academics

Setting solid spiritual and academic foundations at an early age

More individual attention

Educating students' minds, bodies, and souls

Encouraging and supporting a students' Christian faith

As God-appointed leaders and teachers of children, parents should always seek to train their children in such a way that is Biblical and pleasing to the Lord.