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Welcome Jeff Coleman to the Bracken Family

Faculty & Staff

  Name Title Group
Lucas Abbott Abbott, Lucas Elementary PE Teacher/MS Coach Faculty/Staff
Linda Back Back, Linda Administrative Assistant Faculty/Staff
Carol Ballard Ballard, Carol HS Teacher Faculty/Staff
Jerry Beene Beene, Jerry Head of School Faculty/Staff
Johnna Beene Beene, Johnna 2nd Grade Teacher Faculty/Staff
Susan Boyd Boyd, Susan MS/HS Art Faculty/Staff
Paul Brand Brand, Paul Bible Teacher Faculty/Staff
Jason Carlettini Carlettini, Jason Bible Teacher Faculty/Staff
Abby Cobb Cobb, Abby MS Teacher Faculty/Staff
Kendra Crerand Crerand, Kendra Drama HS/MS and Art teacher Faculty/Staff
Dana Crouch Crouch, Dana 1st Grade Teacher Faculty/Staff
Amy Day Day, Amy Communications and Marketing Director Faculty/Staff
Julie Day Day, Julie Motor Lab and Student Support Faculty/Staff
Michael Forgione Forgione, Michael Coach Faculty/Staff
Tammy Grothues Grothues, Tammy Elementary Administrative Assistant Faculty/Staff
Preston Hastings Hastings, Preston Faculty/Staff
Fred Hilgendorf Hilgendorf, Fred 4th Grade Teacher Faculty/Staff
Teri Jennings Jennings, Teri Instructor Faculty/Staff
Marlena Jones Jones, Marlena Elementary Music Teacher Faculty/Staff
Cindy Kacmar Kacmar, Cindy IT Support/Teacher Faculty/Staff
Sheila Kerby Kerby, Sheila Elementary Principal Faculty/Staff
Julie Korkosz Korkosz, Julie MS/HS Teacher Faculty/Staff
Tashi Land Land, Tashi Secondary Principal Faculty/Staff
Laurie Long Long, Laurie MS/HS Teacher Faculty/Staff
Ana McCrum McCrum, Ana HS Spanish Teacher Faculty/Staff
Charles Mickey Mickey, Charles Strength and Conditioning Coach Faculty/Staff
Tammy Riccione Riccione, Tammy Bookkeeper Faculty/Staff
Valerie Roachell Roachell, Valerie MS Teacher Faculty/Staff
Maude Rossi Rossi, Maude MS/HS Math Teacher Faculty/Staff
Annette Runion Runion, Annette Elementary Art Teacher Faculty/Staff
Terri Sanders Sanders, Terri Athletic Director Faculty/Staff
Philip Schroeder Schroeder, Philip Bible Teacher Faculty/Staff
Karlea Shippey Shippey, Karlea K4 Teacher Faculty/Staff
Laura Simmons Simmons, Laura MS/HS Teacher Faculty/Staff
Mallory Smith Smith, Mallory Admissions Director Faculty/Staff
Hosea Stredic Stredic, Hosea Instructor Faculty/Staff
Candice Thompson Thompson, Candice Elementary Science Teacher/Webmaster Faculty/Staff
Robin Urbanovsky, RN Urbanovsky, RN, Robin Nurse Faculty/Staff
Jill White White, Jill Faculty/Staff
Bethany Wilcox Wilcox, Bethany Kindergarten Teacher Faculty/Staff
Rosalind Witcher Witcher, Rosalind HS Science Teacher Faculty/Staff
Denise Wolf Wolf, Denise HS Praise & Worship/Choir Faculty/Staff