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Mission Statement:

Bracken Christian School will partner with Christian families through the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit to provide an excellent education within the context of a biblical worldview, equipping students to impact their culture for Christ.


Bracken Christian School will be a recognized first-choice for parents seeking to raise Godly children, in partnership with BCS to provide excellence in Bible-centered kingdom education.


BCS values and teaches the Bible as the wholly inspired, infallible Word of God.  The Bible provides the context and core of all BCS education and activities.  BCS students will learn that as the God-breathed source of all truth, the Bible uniquely and properly frames the student’s worldview;  his value to the Creator;  and his purpose.
BCS values and appreciates the beauty of the location that God has blessed it with, and the impact of its facilities on the student experience.  We also recognize that BCS facilities, as well as the activities conducted here, are a witness to the surrounding community.  BCS will invest wisely in its campus, facilities, and technologies, and be good stewards of them. 
BCS values and serves the community God has placed us in as one of its mission fields.  BCS incorporates service to the community in its student experience.  In doing so, BCS seeks to help the community;  to model the love of Jesus;  and to cultivate in its students a lifetime habit of impacting their culture for Christ.
BCS values and honors the God-given call of the United States to serve as a haven and beacon of Christian liberty in the world.  As such, it exalts respect for and service to our country, and teaches its valuable impact on the world.
BCS values and nurtures its students as individually created in the image of God.  The BCS experience is aimed at reaching each student for Christ;  growing deep roots in their Christian faith; discipling them in their walk;  and cultivating their individual gifts.  Each student will be treated with respect always, with discipline and coaching tailored to meet them individually with love.  The BCS experience will augment their primary nurturing at home with the objective that each BCS graduate cannot identify themselves other than as a Christian first.
BCS values and expects exemplary Christian character and professionalism in its staff.  Every BCS staff member is a saved, sanctified servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is called by God to a vocation of service to the students, families, and other staff of BCS.  The school’s leadership, families, and students pray for and clearly value the staff as the school’s most prized asset.
BCS values and encourages servanthood among the entire BCS family.  Families contribute their time, resources, prayers, and support as partners in accomplishing the BCS mission.